Willamette Mission State Park, Oregon - Photo by Noe

There are no days without you
despite the long miles that divide us
will I ever close my eyes again
and not open them to darkness

Copyright ©2021 Noe/Lisa Arana. All rights reserved.

(One-Lined Humor)

(A Friend gave us this Postcard but we collaged in a little Portlandia Flair)

Pandemic victory gardens, sown in the front yard, provide opportunities to meet new friends … (and other people.)

As a lesbian, this epsisode should probably offend me but it just makes me laugh instead:

Candace and Toni can live on your refrigerator too. This etsy artist makes some hilarious magnets:https://www.etsy.com/listing/511671303/toni-and-candace-portlandia-sticker-or?ref=shop_home_active_51

(short essay, non-fiction)

(Photo by B., shared with permission)

Earthquakes, I understand. I lived for fifty years in California where the Earth jolts forward like a rattlesnake. In the City of Angels, we knew when to step back. She gave her warnings.

But ice? What can you hold on to when the world grows so cold?

At first, the frozen rain was beautiful but this masked its danger, as beauty often does. Ice scattered diamonds over weeds and suspended frozen droplets in the bedazzling sunlight but ice also weighed down branches and hung like sharp daggers at the edges of our home.

At nightfall, Winter’s magic was illuminated under…

How to help feed ourselves and our communities during these hard times

A Summer Salad from Our Organic Garden — Photo by Lisa Arana

So, what is to come? All that is clear to me is that we need to pull together, more than ever.

Food security is already a major concern for so many people. This was true before the pandemic. Finding ways to share food is necessary as we move forward to help everyone get through this hard time.

But how do we give when we are already stretched to the limit? Sometimes, we will not be able to offer much and sometimes we may need to accept help. …

Onion flower — Bud Vase and Photo by Noe

(Short Poem)

There is no endless shade
no eternity of sweet breezes and cool days
heat rises — blisters and burns
reflected from the concrete — sand and searing hot streets

true shelter is found within
and we must root ourselves deeply to bend with the wind

Copyright ©2021 Noe/Lisa Arana. All rights reserved.

JoshuaTree — Photo by Noe

I thought she looked familiar
over there
in the produce aisle
despite her baggy sweats and threadbare baseball cap
there she was — Grace Slick!
how long has it been since White Rabbit?
Holy Shit — she lived though all of that
and here she is
standing tall on this green Mountain
picking out blueberries at the Veggiemart
with all the rest of us
up early on a Saturday
she looks good and happy

Why did Grace Slick retire? (wikipedia)

Retirement. … During a 1998 interview with VH1 on a Behind the Music documentary featuring Jefferson Airplane, Slick

a Love Poem for B

Columbia Gorge, OR — Photo by Noe

I want you near me
heart to heart
forehead to forehead
mind to mind
I want you near me
every day of this complicated life
steady as a meadow rests
I want you

Copyright ©2021 Noe/Lisa Arana. All rights reserved.


Flash Humor

Capuchin Monkey, Santa Elena, Costa Rica — Photo by Noe

when I was young I thought I knew everything
but now I have finally learned that I know very little
if anything at all …
I think this might be where the lessons begin

Painted Street Divider — Seattle, WA — Photo by Noe

the moon weeps and cries out for her beloved sun
the stars shed their flickering light in silence
no words can console her — the wind falls to a hush
clouds gather to blanket her softly
but the night is bitterly cold and holds no comfort

Copyright ©2021 Noe/Lisa Arana. All rights reserved.


Tunnel Lights -Photo by Noe

Life is a flash in the night. Illuminate all that you can in this moment. Love and learn and love again.


Thank you for taking an interest in my writing. I am a potter who is still managing a poetry habit. I’m left-handed and sometimes, the world looks upside down.

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