(For you, Anthony)

We shared a chrysalis.
Perhaps we still do;
despite our awakenings.

Do you remember
when I first opened my eyes …
brown and golden — curious as two sparrows?
I remember,
your eyes looking back at me
peaceful — the color of the ocean.

We were
a little boy
and a little girl
who shared a secret
We had our own mathematics;
One plus one
one … always.

We are intertwined.
Sometimes tangled …
as if a spider’s silken thread is wrapped around our hearts.

Do you remember the time you hurt your elbow

One-Lined Poem and Photography by Author

Pioneer Cemetery — Salem, Oregon — Photo by Author

Life is a firefly, a spark in the darkness — but my, what a lovely night.

a poem about stepping into the night

Lotus Flower, Photo Taken by Author, Oregon Garden, Silverton

last night
the silver moon eclipsed
she spoke to me
behind the veil
so softly
I was lulled to sleep
and in my dream
I walked through clouds
my mind swimming
falling deep
each step is much the same
in this life
through this long night
and in the afterlife
clothed in skin —
carried by weary bones
or set free

Copyright ©2021 Noe/Lisa Arana. All rights reserved.

Urban “Homesteading” Small Scale but Enough to Share

Okra Flower. We just planted four new Okra Plants. Okra is related to Hibiscus.

(Pixabay — [Cropped] Photo Credit: Gentle07)

Inspired by a MuddyUm Humor Prompt: Butt Stories

A True Story of Gay Pride and EmbarrASSment

Many years ago, I was strutting my once deep-squat-and-stair-master-tight-and-toned-buns-of-steel at a Pride Parade in Long Beach, California. As I marched, leather clad, through rainbow flags, beaming bright faces and the pumping pulse of disco dance music, three attractive young men approached to walk beside me. They were all smiles and twinkling eyes. Suddenly, to my surprise, one of them playfully pinched my butt! As the boys pranced ahead and flirtatiously looked back over their shoulders, they noticed my breasts and angry butch lesbian glare…

A Tanka Poem and Meditation

Photo by LB

one sky above us

the ocean is a droplet

we share this small earth

I breath in your deep sadness

I breath out radiant light


To my dear friends, in India. You are not forgotten. Please know, people care and are sending help. Your hands are those that have carried so many of us in prayer, as teachers and as friends …as family. We, in turn, remember your kindness. With gratitude, we are sending strength, finacial offerings and hope. Each day, I meditate with you at my heart’s center. I urge, those who are able, to give generously when sending aid. I wish I could do more. We are a global community. We are interconnected and interdependent. Our nations must work together to provide…

Virginia Wolf - Photo: George Charles Beresford

“Truth had run through my fingers. Every drop had escaped.”

Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own


(A Poem Inspired by Virginia Woolf)

I held secrets
in my left shirt pocket
your photograph
my love for you

when it rained
such a heavy rain
it soaked through

those unsent letters
stained my heart
the deepest blue

the world could see
my foolish hope
my disappointment
and shame too

Copyright ©2021 Noe/Lisa Arana. All rights reserved.


(Photo by Author of the exterior of a window at the Chachalu Museum and Cultural Center)

Lessons (Laced with Satire) and Ways to End this Pandemic

COVID-19 is indifferent to the things that we hold dear. This virus has proven that it doesn’t care about political perspectives, religious practices, identity, sexuality, ethnicity, race or who you love. When it takes a life, it even scoffs at the balance in our bank accounts. I doesn’t give a shit if we wear eyeliner or even underwear, for that matter. We’re all screwed if we don’t turn things around.

While one could argue that an unvaccinated host is the ideal place for this virus to rest its spiny little…

A Birthday Poem

My most meaningful Gift is the Pfizer vaccination and a Donation to Doctor’s Without Borders to help others

Let today be our birthday
May our wish be fulfilled
Our younger selves forgiven
And closer to wisdom
Renewing our hearts
With lightness and joy
Honoring promises
To the child within
You are loved
You are wanted
Happy Birthday
Dear friend



Willamette Mission State Park, Oregon - Photo by Noe

There are no days without you
despite the long miles that divide us
will I ever close my eyes again
and not open them to darkness

Copyright ©2021 Noe/Lisa Arana. All rights reserved.


Thank you for taking an interest in my writing. I am a potter who is still managing a poetry habit. I’m left-handed and sometimes, the world looks upside down.

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